Wild Luxe Weddings is the passion project of Australian-born lawyer, Danielle Jeatran. Established in late 2018 after planning her own wedding to her American-born husband (who she lovingly refers to as "The Husbabe"). 

Danie met The Husbabe in Hawaii in 2017 and within 4 months of meeting him, was packing up and moving her life between Honolulu, Hawaii and Seattle, Washington. A creative soul with strong organizational and project management skills, wedding planning, styling and advising on the legal ins-and-outs was a natural pivot.

"I’ve always loved planning, organizing and project managing but I have a creative side which I just didn't know how to express. I love fashion and interior design, art and music.

I'm also a hopeless romantic and love celebrating love. This business touches each of those points and lets me live my dream of telling wild and free-spirited couples' love stories!"

"I believe that every couple's love story is special and unique - and that it deserves to be told by someone who respects and appreciates that a wedding is the crescendo, if you will, of a couple's love story."

Wild Luxe Wedding + Event Planning is about creating a vibe or energy that cohesively captures the couple who identifies with a relaxed, yet luxurious tropical bohemian spirit.  We aim to capture the essence of our couples by getting to know them and creating a custom wedding that reflects them perfectly within the budget they set.

Our goal is to provide a stress-free, cohesive, uniquely styled and personalised wedding so that you can get on with continuing your love story.


The Wild Luxe Weddings Team