Budget Hot Tips: Part I

Without doubt the number one question we get is about budgeting for your dream day - whatever that looks like. Well, you can take a breather because we're unleashing more of our best budget tips. In this series, we'll give you our top 3 hot tips.

HOT TIP 1: Budget + Balance

This is probably the single most important tip. Each wedding is unique. More so these days. So the first step is to really think about what is important to you. Really think about what you want your day to look like and the elements you want it to include.

Once you've done this, plan out each element of your wedding and set a budget for each item. If you end up saving in one area, use it to include or upgrade in another – or just pocket those savings for your future!

Having said that - here's a truth: if this is your first time planning a wedding or any kind of event, really, you might not have a realistic view of what things cost and what you get for you hard earned dolla, dolla bills.

But don't sweat it!! We can help here! We speak to vendors all the time and are immersed in the industry so we can help and guide you. The best way is to give you visuals! So when you show us a particular venue or florals or ceremony styling, we have our finger on the pulse and can tell you how much things will cost, ball park.

Once you have a general or specific vision of your day, write out a list and include every single line item you can think of in your budget, and then some, and keep a line item for tax, tips and incidentals. It’s amazing how many little details get missed, especially in the lead up to the wedding. We can again help you with this! No nasty surprises!! Stay tuned for hot tips 2 and 3...

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Danie + The Wild Luxe Weddings Team xo

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