Wedding Trends We Want to Continue to See in 2019!

Updated: Mar 7, 2020

As usual, I fell down the Insta hole and found way too much inspo!! Here are few 2018 wedding trends we'd like to continue to see in 2019!

Bridal Hats

Love this trend. We think it's here to stay and we ain't mad about it! Add florals to add drama and tie your look together. We looove this tropical boho look!

Personalised and Styled Wedding Attire

As Chaz Michael Michaels once said:

"Personal life philosophy: Clothing Optional"

And we couldn't agree more!! Hahaha

We love that couples are breaking free of the traditional white dress, tuxedo and matching bridesmaids combo to seek out unique styles, fabrics, prints and accessories that express their and each member of their bridal party's personality. We love the freedom expressed in jumpsuits, pantsuits and bridal capes; denim and leather jackets; hats, bespoke accessories and personalised bridal party looks!

Relaxed Weddings

Adding cool, comfortable, intimate seating areas at weddings isn't entirely new but in 2018 it's pretty much become a standard feature. Some couples have even eschewed the rigid and stuffy dining configuration for a bar/lounge only set-up. Not only can this reduce costs but it creates a fun, free and spontaneous vibe, which we are ALL about!

Taking inspo from one of our own set-ups - don't mind if we do!

Editorial-Style Photography

One of the biggest trends which really ramped up in 2018 was a shift towards highly editorialised yet natural photography which truly captures the essence of the couple, their personalities, mood and feelings on their wedding day. We also saw many more couples enjoy a pre or post wedding bridal shoot to further celebrate the journey towards marriage.

Lettering and Signage

Stationery has always been an important element of weddings. It alerts your guests to the tone and vibe of your wedding. Recently, there was a shift towards online options to create your own so it's wonderful that hand lettering has again become extremely popular, but not surprising - what is old is new again and trends have a way of reappearing in fresh and modern ways! Signage adds a touch of finesse and style to your wedding.

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