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Updated: May 7, 2019

It occurred to me the other day that many or most people will invest more into their wedding than they might their car! This was certainly the case for me and the Hubster, and most of the couples we know. So when you're dropping that kind of cash, it makes sense to invest in the one part of your wedding that can really, truly affect how well your day goes and how accurately it reflects your vision and tells your love story. There are a lot of very good reasons to hire a wedding planner, here are just a few.

1. We're here to tell your love story!

Our job is to take on the burden of planning, co-ordinating managing and organising so that you can get on with creating and enjoying your love story. Weddings are stressful! We're here to understand your vision and pull it all together in a cohesive and styled manner.

2. Put simply, this ain't our first rodeo

We have insider knowledge, access to resources you may not, stay up to date with current trends, know the best vendors and secure the best pricing and enjoy the creative challenge of coming up with fresh ideas that reflect you as a couple and perfectly tell your love story.

3. We help you manage your budget so that you stay on budget, and take care of all those boring bits

The first thing anyone in the wedding industry tells you is to set. a. budget. and. stick. to. it! And for good reason, it's important to be realistic as to how much you can dedicate to your wedding because costs can quickly get out of hand. But we have a strategy for keeping you on track! We also have great connections and contacts so that you get the biggest bang for you buck! We discuss your budget with you at the outset and manage your expectations while negotiating as hard as we possibly can - helps that you've got a lawyer on your side! We also help decipher and negotiate all that pesky fine print.

4. Wedding planning is TIME CONSUMING!

Wedding planning is so glamorous and fun and exciting - said no one ever! The truth is while it is super rewarding to see all your hard work come together, the reality is that wedding planning is a lot of work. It's a lot of calls, emails, number crunching and running around. Of course we wouldn't have it any other way! The difference is that this is our job, whereas you have your full time job that you need to focus on- not to mention enjoying the magical experience of being engaged! So while we're doing the boring stuff, you can fall through the Insta and Pinterest black hole of wedding inspo and actually enjoy planning your wedding!

5. We make it happen... on time!

After months and months of planning, all that hard work, all those sleepless nights second-guessing your styling, catering, music etc. decisions - it's finally here - your big day!! So, don't you just want to enjoy it and bask in the spotlight and focus on you and your love!? Let us worry about wrangling vendors, styling your ceremony and venue to a tee and getting everyone to adhere to your timeline. We'll have a champs with you at the end of the night when you're telling us how magical it all was, how fast it all went and that you wish it wasn't over!!

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