Here's a really sweet idea ahead of Valentines Day for your love!

But really, this idea works for any special event or simply just because!

A little bit of background to this idea - My husbabe and I had a long distance relationship at the very beginning. It was only for a few months but it was still really hard! I was traveling back and forth between Sydney, Hawai'i and Seattle. On one of those initial trips, I purchased a cute little notebook and wrote a little love note for each of the days we'd be apart!

Now, the husbabe is a sentimental kinda guy and while he might have a tough-looking exterior, he's all soft and gooey on the inside!!! So he loved it!!

I'm sharing this little idea for Valentines Day but updating it. 

How about grabbing a nice planner for 2020 and peppering it with cute little love notes!? You could even print a few cute photos of the two of you and paste them in! Or write in a little anniversary reminder and if you're getting married this year pre-fill your wedding day and include a little note! 

You can also put cute little reminders of what you did on the same day last year or any other year. 

This gift idea is sweet, sentimental and practical! And easy to find at your local stationery store, department store, or even places like Marshalls or Home Goods (another obsession we'll have to talk about another time!).

If you like it, and give it a go, let us know!! It works great for birthdays early in the year, or a good one to keep up your sleeve for later in the year or Christmas!!