Image by Joris Visser
Image by Joris Visser
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Best kept secret

We get asked this question a lot! Where should we stay in Waikiki!? For a lot of travellers to Hawaii - and in this case, O'ahu - it's the first time ever to the island. They know they want to stay in Waikiki because they know from even the most basic research, that's the main tourist hub of the island. 

Here's our advice: Stay in Waikiki for a few days, use it as a base to explore the South Shore of the Island and then head North or West to relax!

We'll canvass options in the North Shore and Kapolei/Ko Olina separately but here we'll share our fave hotel and why!


WHY? It's literally the chicest hotel in Waikiki and second, in our opinion, only to the Four Seasons (which isn't in Waikiki).

It's away from the hustle and bustle - which can seriously be intense. Imagine tourists lining the streets from 10am til midnight every night. We would prefer to stay a little further down off the strip and walk or ride or bus into the hustle and bustle. 

There's an adults only shallow pool with great views of the marina and pro surf spot, which is edged with white sand and lined with tropical palm trees so you literally feel like you're a million miles away from the city!

The pool bar is chic and they have great food. Our pick is the hummus and naan in the afternoon, the steak in the evening and the avocado toast with a poached egg or the breakfast burrito in the morning. They are also one of the few places that still does an Island Latte - a little bit of coconut syrup, a little bit of Mac-Nut syrup and your choice of milk or milk alternative - make sure you ask for it cold!! Nothing better and always my first stop!

The rooms are chic and the views are divine if you can splurge on an oceanfront or even partial oceanfront view room with a balcony - you'll get a great view of the fireworks!! The city view side isn't great because it can get a little noisy, but it's not bad I would say if you're on a higher floor. 

There is an awesome secret lobby bar called The Study, behind the bookcase in the lobby! It's chic and cool. The place to be on a Friday night for sure. There's also a nightclub which is neither here nor there for me but it adds to the adult vibe. 

It's within walking distance to Ala Moana shopping centre (or an easy $5 ride share)!! Score!

There's a convenience store across the road (kitty corner) and a great sushi spot in the Prince Hotel next door and in the Discover Bay Centre across the other side of the road. There's also a pharmacy in there and a few different car hire companies if you decided not to grab a car at the airport but wanted to base yourself in Waiks and head around the island. 

Finally - it's where I met the husbabe!! That story is in a separate post under Business + Life called 'Why we're obsessed with The Modern Honolulu'.